Eurelectric Annual Report 2019

2019 has closed out a decade. The decade when it became clear that the climate change is THE challenge of our time. As we are entering the '20s, society must cut net greenhouse emissions to zero. And the electricity sector is at the core of this gargantuan effort.

By the mid-2020s, the world population is projected to surpass 8 billion people, and we all have a role to play. Businesses. Policymakers. Investors. Thought leaders. As pointed out by the Former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon back in 2015, “we are the first generation that can put an end to poverty and we are the last generation that can put an end to climate change.”

Foreword by President
Magnus Hall

Addressing the major challenges of the century, the European institutions and power sector have worked hard to mitigate the climate change. The new Green Deal is a prominent example of what needs to be done to sharpen the EU policies going forward.

Eurelectric stands ready and committed to work together with the policy stakeholders.

We have a clear vision for the future of our sector: we believe electrification is part of the solution for replacing fossil fuels in the energy system.

But in order to make this a success we need to fully decarbonise electricity. And we are ready to do this by 2045.

The third prerequisite is just transition, which means that we have to empower communities in different parts of Europe supporting them along their transition journey. Last but not least, we need customers on board for the change to happen in a transparent and affordable way.

We will deliver!

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“In the current dynamic environment, distribution networks need to do more than move power from A to B. They will need to take an active role in managing inputs and outputs, correcting imbalances, and continuing to maintain a reliable network. This can only be achieved if grids become smart, digital and flexible, which requires substantial innovation and investment.”

Leonhard Birnbaum - Vice-President of Eurelectric
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“To effectively transition to a low carbon energy future and maximise the efficiencies of digitalised and distributed electricity system, the electricity sector needs to be completely reimagined with the customer at the centre.”

Pat O'Doherty - Vice-President of Eurelectric
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