M A R K E T S & C U S T O M E R S

2019 Results

Eurelectric positioned itself as a proactive and constructive partner on booming discussions that will remain center-stage under the Green Deal. On one hand, we took views on sector coupling between electricity and gas markets and how this can support the energy transition. On the other hand, we also defined our possition on sustainable finance and how to define a fit for purpose taxonomy for sustainable activities.

With the publication of our E-invest report, Eurelectric engaged in a thought provoking debate with policymakers on how to solve the power sector investment challenge. The report provides a thorough assessment of the investment fundamentals for a successful energy transition. It takes stock of the improvements brought by the Clean Energy Package, but also identifies the many market design challenges still lying ahead as a foundation for the upcoming debates as part of the Green Deal in 2020.

In 2020, Eurelectric will continue to push for efficient wholesale and retail market integration towards EU policy makers, regulators and TSOs through the relevant EU regulatory fora and stakeholder platforms. Building upon the key learnings from our roadshow on consumer empowerment, Eurelectric will engage into an ambitious customer campaign and release its pledges on how electricity suppliers can partner with customers in the energy transition. Finally, we will actively engage in the implementation of key market provisions of the Clean Energy Package and contribute to the elaboration of the position on the Green Deal.

Spreading the word

Reaching the EU climate targets by 2050 will not be possible without the active engagement of customers in the energy transition. Together with the help of our members and our business associate Accenture, Eurelectric has organised 8 workshops across Europe fostering innovative thinking with participants from across the electricity and automotive industry, technology companies, policymakers, NGOs and consumer associations. The aim was to identify current obstacles but also best practices to empower customer in the energy transition, especially in areas such energy efficiency investments, demand side flexibility, and electric mobility. The discussion with all relevant stakeholders centred on how electricity suppliers can become customers’ true energy partners in the transition.