Eurelectric Annual Report 2019
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"The electricity sector will be critical in achieving the required transformation to make the European economy climate neutral by 2050. Our assessment places a particular focus on electricity, in particular the electrification of our energy system. We foresee at least a doubling of the electricity share in final energy demand by 2050."

Mauro Petriccione, EC Director General for climate
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"Eurelectric has shown to be as important as energy itself."

Francesco Starace, CEO of Enel

"I commend Eurelectric for being a real leader and moving in the right direction with the power sector. We are trying to lead the charge through the Club of Rome, and I really hope that Eurelectric will also continue to lead the charge."

Sandrine Dixson-Declève, Co-president of the Club of Rome

"Eurelectric is profiling itself as an industry sector that has understood the message and is commited to decarbonise completely in the 2040s. You are the first sector to do this and all numbers show that for the net zero the role of electricity becomes so much larger."

Dries Acke, Director Energy Systems of European Climate Foundation

"Eurelectric, the European utility sector trade group, emerges as an exception among the groups analyzed, following a transformation of its climate positions over the past 3-5 years. This includes support for reforms to the EU Emissions Trading Scheme and for higher CO2 emission standards for vehicles. Eurelectric’s support for low carbon electrification as a route to decarbonise transport, heating and industry, suggests that it could be a powerful business advocate for climate policy going forward, corralling other groups toward this goal."

InfluenceMap Report May 2019

"Tremendous change achieved. Seems to be trusted in the Brussels bubble."

"The strategy review is very well structured and embraced well the members expectations."

"Eurelectric has achieved a lot in the past two years, no doubts."

"Leadership was able to reinvent the perception the industry has at a European level."

"Innovative approach to bring all parties together in sharing the same vision around the association."

Jury's testimonials, European Association Awards 2019